Determined to make a difference

Our mission

Supporting the capacity of future leaders, who can contribute to bringing the paradigm shift in value-based health care in Europe and beyond.


To date, no network exists for early career researchers and young professionals who are eager to make value-based health care (VBHC) and outcomes research (OR) their future career path, or for those keen to use such expertise knowledge in their current or future clinical, research or project-based work. Moreover, there is a paucity of structural educational activities including formal and non-formal education, mentoring and training opportunities, field work, in VBHC and OR worldwide.


Therefore, in order to stimulate young researchers and managers/professionals to start their career and to better be prepared for this field, ECHORM would like to fill in this gap and nurture future leaders for the field of VBHC and OR. This includes maximizing benefits for all stakeholders of health professionals, patients, payers and innovators.


The core activities of ECHORM include:

  • Creation of a networking platform for the ECHORM community for communication with the main players in the fields of VBHC and outcomes research. Additionally, for the network to provide great opportunities to connect with various researchers, exchange experiences, and develop international collaborative projects.

  • To promote and organize educational activities (workshops and training) in the fields of VBHC and OR among emerging leaders, researchers, and early career individuals.

  • International journal clubs which will be conducted with leading experts on the topic, once every half year.

  • A position paper – outcomes research from young leaders’ perspective, what we need for the future? as well as recommendations and a research agenda for the future.
  • To provide mentorship and other training opportunities to the ECHORM community. Mentors could come from collaborating networks such as the EUHA members and the H2O Forum.

For whom?

New and early career professionals interested in:

  • Value based healthcare.
  • Outcomes research management.
  • Keeping up with the current trends and research in these associated topics.
  • Connecting with peers across institutions and countries.
  • Working with a mentor to aid there in their professional growth.

A word from our advisory board member Prof. dr. Tanja Stamm