Mentorship Program

Connecting senior experts and young professionals or early career researchers

Benefits of the program
  • Connecting with an experienced mentor
  • Opportunity to extend your network (across Europe and beyond)
  • Sharing of knowledge and skills
  • Receiving personalized tips and tricks on your research, work and career
  • Exchanging job and research experience
  • Learning about the implementation of value based healthcare in practice
  • An established work history in the field of outcomes research or management and exhibit a high level of competence
  • A general minimum of 7 years in a related occupation is recommended
  • Mentors approached by the board of ECHORM or request to be included in the program themselves
Pairing process:
  • Request for pairing submitted to board: reason for pairing, background and interests
  • A typical pairing duration has a two-year time period
  • A mentor decides on the structuring and style of their mentoring approach
  • It is up to the duo to decide the particulars of the arrangement. These discussion factors include frequency of meetings, desired outcomes, termination date etc.