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First ECHORM journal club
November 14th, 2023

Ever wondered how the exposure to health - related questions can influence a patient's perceptions or behaviors on the topic being measures? Explore the intriguing topic in ECHORM's first journal club talk on November 14th from 12-13 CET. Dr. Preston Alexander Long from the Medical University of Vienna will lead an engaging paper on the mere-measurement effect.

What is the mere-measurement effect?
At its core, the mere-measurement effect postulates that the act of measuring a particular aspect of human behavior or attitudes can exert a distinct influence, causing subsequent changes in the very behaviors or attitudes being measured (Morwitz & Fitzsimons, 2004). This phenomenon emphasizes the fluid dynamics between self-awareness, introspection, and the psychological responses triggered by the process of assessment. It suggests that the very act of considering and responding to measurement prompts can activate cognitive mechanisms that nudge individuals toward aligning their actions with their stated intentions, often without the need for explicit external interventions. Research has shown that the effect remains present even through implicit measurements designed to circumnavigate conscious awareness (Keatley et al., 2014).

And here's a spoiler for you: Dr. Long, will not only provide valuable insights but also sprinkle in some humor, making this event informative and enjoyable. 

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